Evolution in Background.

SIMBOLS is a brand characterized by a young and strong attitude, personality, creativity and originality. The set of values that have always marked its unique identity, from the remarkable emotional impact that puts the product first in the whole of its stylistic light through its collections, tangible signs of their affinity with the territory.

All this is SIMBOLS.


“There’s no style without quality, there’s no creativity without identity”

This is the inspiring principle of the SIMBOLS collections, born from the creativity of the brand founder Franco Fauzzi.


Sartorial philosophy.

The driving force is born from the ideas, the new ones,
those of success, crossing borders by touching
the sensibility and the taste man’s aesthetic.
SIMBOLS has been an icon of fashion collections
since its birth, all produced strictly “made in Puglia”. The analysis of the market, a fundamental element for
the development of the company, the demand forces, represented the launch of a new a collection of polyhedral clothes with a contemporary and distinctive image of our time.